2021 Interviews with International Students

My students, as part of their course in Business communications at MacEwan University, took the opportunity to interview me on professional and cultural issues of their concern. The topics related to workplace culture, to success and happiness as immigrants in Canada, to dealing with conflict. Some of them deal with hot topic issues of Indigenous cultures in Canada, systemic racism, and anti-Asian hate. Listen while you drive or while you do your chores.

SUCCESS and VOCATION with Kateryna, Simranpreet, Ramanpreet, and Rishabh
Blogs, Books, and International Students with Nikki, Riva, Neha, and Maneel
FOLLOWING YOUR PASSION with Jay Jay, Amit, Harinder, and Gautum

WORKPLACE CONFLICT and the IMPORTANCE OF LISTENING with Purneet, Sushant, Palwinder
Indigenous Cultures, Systemic Racism with Madhu, Misha, and Jibin
Canadian Workplace Culture with Harpreet, Rajvir, Abhishek, and Manpreet