Authenticity in Uncertain Times: Charles Taylor, Hannah Arendt and Christ Jesus.

As a thank you to my followers and supporters, I would like to invite you to the free, online public talk, brought to you by the King’s University, that I am giving on the following topic, at 9 pm Eastern, today, May 20:

Hannah Arendt, Charles Taylor, and Christ Jesus: Authenticity in Times of Uncertainty

“Being authentic” is language that everyone uses. It stretches across cultures, nationalities, and religions, but is everywhere used with a certain unease – as if it doesn’t address our unease in uncertain times. Western Christians and Academics legitimately worry about possible selfish individualistic orientations that authenticity seems to signify. However, Charles Taylor, from his Massey lecture series The Ethics of Authenticity all the way to his seminal The Secular Age, outlines a stronger concept of authenticity which should set aside some of our religiously-oriented discomfort. Hannah Arendt, in The Life of the Mind, offers us a portrait of individuals as formed in dialogue; and in The Human Condition, offers us significant hope by interpreting Christ as a “this-worldly” political and philosophical model. By imagining a Christological character into Taylor’s moral ideal of authenticity we are offered both a framework for bridging communities of faith and wider society, and an accessible orientation that can offer comfort and security in uncertain times.

Working in Academic Enrichment and Interdisciplinary Studies at The King’s University, Raymond Klassen is a born and raised Anabaptist and a career English as a Second Language Instructor. Having taught for 15 years in Thailand, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia, his research and teaching focus is centered on the rich moral ideal of authenticity as manifested in a range of cultures from radically individualist to primarily communal.

To register for this talk, please click the following link:

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I look forward to meeting many of you.

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