Thanks for stopping in to check out Ideals and Identities. From a variety of angles, you can explore how to become who you are. What you see in front of you is a working out of book ideas, including topics in childhood education, basketball (because I want to try my hand at sports writing), social and political philosophy, and spirituality. I welcome comments and ideas, and I will try to respond to all comments in a timely manner.

For two years now, and hopefully as long as it exists, exists without sponsorship or advertising. Ideas, ideals, and identities are a free gift of from God, and so I think this space should be. Perhaps one day I might write a book that I will sell here. But that isn’t yet.

About Me

I am a career educator. That being said, I have been learning my whole life, and plan on doing so until my learning capabilities cease.

My written work includes academic writing in philosophy and linguistics, English acquisition, and most intently in the areas of spiritual engagement with reality and what that means for our public lives.

My education is a mixture of formal study in philosophy, political theory, Biblical studies, and history, along with professional teaching certification in TESOL and in cognitive testing, and international teaching.

My travel experiences include a range of countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. I have lived in Canada, the United States, Germany, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Thailand. From those places I have traveled to many others besides.

I am a child of the 70’s and a “family man.” That means I have two wonderful kids who have been round the world with me.

Lastly, I am married to a wonderful woman since 2004. She is my partner, my friend, and my muse.

Thanks again for stopping by,