The 70 Faces of Love

There is no one I’d rather wait with than you,
even when there is nothing else to do.
I know it is hard and we’ve risked a lot,
But in my heart it won’t be for not.
When I married you it was with 70 faces,
And now I am seeing more of their traces.
The anger, the joy, the need and the fears
I want to see them all for years.
The experience of adventure we have begun,
The uncertainty and setbacks I won’t run from.
And I chose this life because I am dedicated to you;
All these experiences without you just aren’t true.
For while we have joy, we also have pain
And after the sunshine, comes the rain.
Shared experiences are greater than all alone,
And sharing them with you gives life its tone.
Please continue to share my experience with me,
Because walking with you is how I am free.
Walk with me too, and sit beside me and share,
Out of love and trust comes the deepest care.
I love you.

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