Greetings! I hope you are well. I also hope that there is something in this Ideals and Identities that brings you joy, makes you think, or opens up space within you. I am now discovering how much space I have in my life, and I want to share this space with you, in the biblical attitude of hospitality. I want to also be invited into your space. It is my hope that such a communion will bring joy and freedom. It is my hope that such spaces structure experiences of God’s presence.

But most of all, I welcome you. No matter who you are, I want to invite the possibility of coming together. No matter where you come form, the experience of communities of care are accessible to us, and I hope ideals and identities makes a community of care a living possibility. Please feel free to comment on any article or video, or to reach out to me via my contact section. If you really like what you read, please feel free to share. I look forward to engaging with you.