To Share a Joy

Today I wanted to share a joy,

a dream I had when I was a boy.

of being valued and receiving care,

of embracing love, of breathing air.

But I opened up my social apps,

typed away, this humble chap.

I longed to reach and touch a friend,

but closed my laptop in the end.

Instead I write and try to express,

the deep relief of so much stress,

Of knowing God’s love deep in my bones,

of breathing air and possessing home.

Of living in authentic clearing,

not as an “I” who’s always fearing,

Of tossing up a steely-ball self,

and setting it on my history shelf.

An individual I used to be,

but now, in space, I’m very free,

free to love and welcome and just to give,

free to roam and play, and to just plain live.

Who I am is no longer a thing

instead I’m a space that needs to sing.

an acoustic place that seems to resonate,

not that steely ball waiting to detonate.

And the joy I had to start this all,

the sound that came before the fall,

aware of the vibrating, sacred “Ohm!”

an authentic space, a sacred home,

where lonely note becomes common tone,

where manifestation is offered its bone,

the bone and flesh of joy and self,

the sacred space is there to help.

The living room of significant others,

the needed rooms for friend and brother,

the fireplace of the sacred spouse,

the presence of God, this sacred house.

The open door of joy rids my mind,

of the ugly steely ball that binds.

the now unbounded door opened to few,

to make music together so sweet and true.

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