I was so privileged to be interviewed by these 4 very bright, 2nd semester students. You can find a lot of information on what studying in Canada has been like for them. But there is more to this, including discussions on religion, on success, on the millennial generation, on intercultural dynamics, and the keys to adapting to life in Canada well.

This is a very long video. I apologize for that. However, if you follow the outline, you can basically skip to the parts of the video you want to jump to.

Outline: Introduction: 0:00 – 5:32 International Business: 5:32 – 22:10 Millennial Generation and Success: 22:10 – 35:00 Social Expectations: 35:00 – 38:40 Being an International Student: 38:40 – 50:00 Doing Business in Canada: 50:00 – 57:00 Covid19 and Online Education: 57:00 – 1:16:10 Religious Divisiveness: 1:16:10 – 1:29:48 Travel Experience: 1:29:48 – 1:42:12 Intercultural Relationships and Third Culture Kids: 1:42:12 – 1:59:45 Students Experiences in Canada: 1:59:45 – end.

(Left to Right; Top to bottom) Shivangi, myself, Nandini, Titiksha, and Pulkit.

As a word of thankfulness, in addition to what is said in the video, I want to thank these four for giving their time and energy to prepare and ask such thoughtful questions. Sometimes, a moment of resonance happens across generations and cultures.

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