Eternity? Right Here.

What is this melancholy we feel? 
A shining connection I want to steal.
No more dwelling and doubting the way that I eat!
No more scattered or tattered 2-second tweets!

Let's ask "How are you?" and wait.
Let's walk together, with a slow gait.
No more "Where did you go?",
"What and who do you know?"!

Let's sit with others,
And act like brothers,
and sisters and cousins
with different mothers.

Look in the eyes,
welcomed with open arms.
Let's feel the warmth
and forget the charms.

Build a wall between what is expected and how we are.
I long for moments when spirits outshine stars.
I wait for you here beyond evil and good.
I wait for you here where you'll be understood.

We'll sing praises together in joyous voice,
where we focus on being, not arbitrary choice.
Choice doesn't matter, not at all.
I want to exist in the colored leaves of fall,
which expose themselves near death,
when we take our cleanest, deepest breaths.

Be with me here, away from the heat.
I have a place for you. Come! Take a seat.

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