Mental Processing for Study and Life

We only have to remember that to be better is not necessarily connected to what we do or don't do, to what we think or don't think.

Naggingly Abstract Freedom: A Critical Review of “Three Cheers for Socialism”

Introduction It is due to my deep affinity to the historical heritages from which this discussion emerges from that I undertake it. My deep concern for my brothers and sisters who value both Chrisitian community and the experience of freedom is that they have become what they criticize.  Not uncommonly, they criticize formations of “us … Continue reading Naggingly Abstract Freedom: A Critical Review of “Three Cheers for Socialism”

The Sickness Before the Infection, Part 1: Urgently Stopping the Sniffles.

In other words, there is no identifiable locus of the virus. It doesn’t matter whether the virus is transmitted among the community, or brought in on a plane or train. It doesn’t matter whether we have been globally exposed or locally situated, the virus is all around, and it could be transmitted by any of us. And even though I might feel well, I have been infected and have transmitted it to others before I even knew I was sick. How terrifying is that?

Cowboy Conservatism and Budgetary Madness

When I moved to Alberta, I thought that I would encounter a few “Cowboy Conservatives”. You know the type: white pick-up trucks, acreages, kind-hearted neighborliness, and an arms-length relationship with local aboriginal populations. They may be tied to oil-money. They may even feel a bit uneasy with vegetables and say an occasionally cruel comment about … Continue reading Cowboy Conservatism and Budgetary Madness

Hints and Allegations

"the overlooked habits in human beings’ interactions with one another will also rear their ugly, destructive, and malicious effects on the world around us and within us. Unconscious habits will emerge because we have too often overlooked them, and they will appear and be treated as hints and allegations that exist on the periphery of our conscious view, with the grand temptation to push them aside because the reality from which they emerge is too uncomfortable to deal with."