Quick Reactions

Behind opaque doors doctors were battling for his life. Hooked up to the I.V. with the blood of his father and grandfather being pumped into his veins, the son was receiving medicine to stay out of septic shock. Trying to release another blockage, he was fighting sickness and poison on all internal fronts. He was exhibiting the heart of a champion, but the body just wouldn’t cooperate.

His parents waited patiently, and impatiently. They were helpless to all the scientific miracles happening behind the opaque entrance. Standing on a rock-hard tile floor, Mother held on to infant Daughter. Father was anticipating how to respond next. A doctor emerged. “He is going to die, and there is nothing we can do.” Mother let go; Mother died for a very long moment. Father reached out and grasped. Daughter hung suspended by the strength of Father’s fingernails and a brand-named jumper. Mother was focused on the meaning; Father was focused on the moment.

There are some things you can anticipate. There are some things you can’t. The doctors failed to check the blood tests to see the son was different. Mother had failed to anticipate the possibility of death. Father had failed to anticipate the moment. But Son was in the moment.

It seems that a heavenly force quickly reacted; it may have come through the opaque entrance from the one who was in the moment all along.

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