Greetings to my readers, and welcome to new readers!

Since I started this blog in 2017, I have been gaining a loyal following of readers. Many of you have liked and subscribed to the blog, and I am getting a consistent readership of a few dozen daily readers. I am grateful to you for this. I have gotten to know some of you and have been blessed by your presence.

Announcement: Beginning on August 1st, will undergo restructuring. Three significant changes will occur:

  • Many of my articles (the ones on childhood education, most of the interviews with international students, and most poetry) that are currently on the site will be disappearing. Thus, I encourage you to read them when you can.
  • Certain posts that are disappearing will be included in two forthcoming published books: “Sermons and Reflections” and “Essays on Mass Society”. These books will be for sale on my website.
  • A new page on the site will highlight guest authors. I have recently accepted pieces to be published on my site by other good writers, and I am edified by the conversation that gets generated around the themes in the blog generally, and I particularly find fulfillment in highlighting work that is underappreciated.

I am trying to accomplish a couple of things on my website. I want to tidy it up so that it isn’t filled with articles that are not close to my heart anymore; I want the website to be a more useful place for readers who want to learn more about the themes of “Freedom”, “Authenticity”, “Mass Society”, “Community”, “Faith”, and “Grace”; I hope to actually begin to sell my work in a published form.

Thank you for reading. If you read an article that you think actually should stay on the site, please feel free to comment below the article. The website has its own kind of life now due to having over 10,000 annual readers, and I don’t want to unilaterally change something in which I am not the only stakeholder.

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