Invitation to Guest Authors

Are you looking for a place to write? Do you care about the topics of Authenticity, Personal Identity, Mass Society, Freedom, Faith, and Community? If you are a new writer looking for exposure, please feel free to write for Ideals and Identities. Other topics will be considered as well.

Our site will, beginning August 1, July 2022, be hosting guest authors. Currently, our website has about 10K annual viewers, within approximately 30 viewers per day.

We especially seek authors who really want to criticize and critique the Western worldview of individualism and current forms of capitalism, and who want to develop and inform of spiritual practices that can nurture a more liberating life. We especially seek writers who want to nurture further and deeper conversations about moral values and spiritual living.

Please feel free to contact me by email: if you want to clarify anything. Posts should be submitted in Microsoft Word, be between 1500 and 2500 words and will be reviewed for clarity and for being both accessible (not overly academic), and thoughtful.

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