The Politics of Sexuality, Part 3: Homosexual Weddings, and Marriage

A marriage, on the other hand, is made by a daily effort to live out the vows until death. In the words of my father, the vows I make to my spouse are not so much like laws that I keep or break; they are commitments that keep or break me. The vows may be taken seriously or not, broken or not, but there is no way of withholding them from homosexuals. You cannot copyright the vows which a homosexual couple is perfectly free to make. The government cannot forbid them to do so, nor can any church.

50 Years on This Earth: a Time for Forgiveness

Our sins will keep coming back to us, i.e. our debts. Israel has a debt and continues to pile on more. Settler culture has a debt to the indigenous populations of Canada and continues not to acknowledge it.  In both cases, there are also wrongs. For these wrongs, there is nothing that can be done to repair them. But for the debts, there can be.