Adam Smith: The Moral Dimensions of Economic Life

 Personally, I am informed by both a Continental-Philosophical tradition and a communitarian Christian religious background that criticized Adam Smith as hostile to charity and a theoretical bastion of “self-interest”; it would not be a stretch to say that both modern economics and its critics have failed to connect Smith’s moral anthropology to his more famous economic theory.

Hannah Arendt: Politics – Authenticity, Mass Society and the Private Realm

Arendt invokes the realm of privacy, which is the realm of persons who are significant others to the individual.  These significant others are the context for the emergence of an individual. In other words, the realm of privacy includes our social sphere where each of those significant others has a reciprocal relationship with each other.  Not only do these significant others constitute our identity as individuals, but each individual also has some responsibility to act as a significant other to the other members.  I would call this “community”.

Hannah Arendt: Labour and the Colonization of the Private Realm

This is the first lecture that lays the groundwork for connecting the moral ideal of Authenticity to the work of Hannah Arendt. This lecture was given on January 31, and it introduces some of the essential features of Hannah Arendt's "The Human Condition", and explores her concept of Labour in the private realm. It suggests … Continue reading Hannah Arendt: Labour and the Colonization of the Private Realm